acupuncture-7That’s exactly what the needles they stick in me look like. There is a springy end, and a needle-y end. The needle is thinner than a (healthy) human hair, but it gets the job done.

Last Friday, the wife had me take off my pants (second partial disrobing! score!) and ran a line down the inside of my right leg. It was pretty icky feeling, none more so than when she came to take them out, and my leg did not want to release one, especially. (The polar opposite of my ear rejecting the needles altogether.)

Today was my next-to-last treatment and I almost skived off on it because yesterday, I rode in the car down to San Antonio (ouch), sat in the theater watching “Spamalot” for the better part of two hours (ouchie), sat at dinner in a cushy booth for almost an hour (but at least I could move around a little), then drove back to Austin (tear come to eye ouch).

The last half hour of the trip, I found myself praying, “God, please let lying down be a respite. I need a break from this pain or I’m going to lose it.”

Fortunately, I slept pretty soundly until my normal 4:00 AM thing, and after that, though I was still pretty uncomfortable, at least I was able to snooze somewhat.

(By the way, remembering the days when going to bed was a great relief and I didn’t want to get up in the mornings because of the hurt to come are now painful nostalgic memories. I can’t WAIT to get out of bed now. Lying down past 4 AM is exhausting. But we’re not dwelling on that, remember?)

So, anyway, when I got out of bed at 7:30 this morning, the last thing I wanted to do was to sit in the car again for even 10 minutes. However, my appointment was later than usual, and by 8:40, when I needed to leave, I was feeling okay.

I made it to the center without writhing in the car much at all, but getting up onto the bed was a challenge. Any time my spine is suspended like that, it yells at me. The pain was very intense still.

Now, here’s the good part. Well, wait. Not quite.

He didn’t use too many needles today. Except for the ones on my scalp, they all hurt like the Dickens! When he put the ones in my feet, I flinched. When he put the ones in the crook of my right elbow, I felt a fire in my thumb. They were extremely painful in a way they’ve never been before. He said that was probably because I was in so much pain already. He also apologized, and said he goes somewhere else (the “Spanish Inquisition” from “History of the World, Part 1, specifically) when he’s hurting people, because he doesn’t want to be hurting people.

Fast-forward 10 minutes. No pain in my backside. None. It was gone.

When he came back in and the session was to be over, I told him how great I felt. He asked if I could hang out 5 more minutes just to get the full benefit.

Here’s the deal: I still don’t get why this stuff works, but it does something.

He acknowledged that my pain is “stubborn,” and I don’t anticipate my last session will heal it… but it’s made management SO much better.