Things are crazy here in Austin, but that’s all because of SXSW, not because of any withholding of the new flavor of Taco Bell chip-based taco.

Cool Ranch Doritos Taco 001

Obtaining one of these babies was as easy as wading through three levels of employees carefully repeating my order to make sure that it was correct. I don’t even know how much it is to order these “all the way” or whatever they call Taco Bell-izing with sour cream. James says it’s “supreme,” but my description is more memorable.

Cool Ranch Doritos Taco 002

The cradle is now two-sided, with the Nacho Cheese on one side and Cool Ranch on the opposite side.

Cool Ranch Doritos Taco 004

Here is a close-up of the spiced goodness on the shell.

Now, in “normal life,” I’m not a huge corn chip fan, but if Doritos are on sale and I buy a bag, it’s probably going to be the Nacho Cheese. That said, my opinion is that the Cool Ranch flavor works a lot more interestingly with the taco fillings than the Nacho Cheese flavor did.

Cool Ranch Doritos Taco 005


Also, like the Nacho Cheese shell, this thing splinters into 40,000 pieces when you bite into it, so I don’t recommend eating it in the car (as I did) unless you just like getting tomatoes in your floorboard and shredded cheese all over your jeans and your purse.

I don’t know how much this costs “plain,” but it’s $1.79 Supremed up, and I’d eat it again tomorrow. For breakfast.