earmsI just realized that this picture includes a very freaky-looking human body. Well. Just have nightmares about that for a while.

Anyway, second acupuncture visit yesterday.

The biggest news I have so far is that the first night after my first treatment, I was able to sleep so much better. I was uncomfortable, but not in severe pain. I was in moderate pain. I was in pain that might have kept me awake six months ago but that, now, felt doable.

Last night, I was able to lie in almost any position I wanted to without gasps of pain and/or involuntary whining rising up from my soul and out my pie hole.

This is a vast improvement from Saturday night, after which I reached out to my small group for prayers for extreme discouragement and the feeling of losing myself to the pain, and then the following night when, at 4:30 AM, I woke Daphne up because I was sobbing inconsolably as I could not rest without pain shooting down my leg.

Chronic pain is bad. But at least at first, I could escape it in sleep. Losing that small oasis has been a huge blow, so the last two nights of solid rest have been amazing. I thank God every time I wake up naturally and can tell I am about to fall back to sleep like a “normal” person.

I am still not in full-out comfort. I still feel extremely deep, but more dull, aches and stabs. But at least I can sleep. And that is a huge blessing.

Today, the acupuncturist was going to do some electro-shock therapy, but his machine hadn’t been plugged in and had dropped its charge (for the first time in the 7 years he’s had it), so he decided to add my ear into the hand/foot/arm mix.

First of all, my left arm still does not like the needles. It is sore as soon as he puts them in, and now my skin is treating the needle punctures like mosquito bites. I guess histamine habits die hard.

My ear, though… it was the weirdest. He put somewhere between 4 and 6 needles in that area. I believe that there were 2 near the outside of my earlobe, it felt like 2 being inserted in the little weird sticky-out part, and then a couple that were not in my ear canal, but it felt like it. It’s difficult to tell when you can’t see.

He also put one where my third eye would be if I thought that I had one. So for one hour, I was a beautiful if unimpressively-endowed unicorn! (Then there were the three in my scalp as earlier.)

I can barely feel him putting the needles in my feet and legs; those don’t bother me at all.

This time, he did not come back in to “stimulate” me. Knowing that was supposed to happen, I occasionally moved my hands and arm to “remind” my body that I had needles poked into myself.

After a while, it felt like a tiny butterfly was flying into my ear, and I realized that one of the ear needles, one of the inside ones, had probably fallen over, like a mini-tree in a teeny-tiny forest.

This is where the mind games start: Oh my gosh, it’s going to fall into my ear canal and punch my eardrum open! I realized this was dumb, the tiny ear hairs were probably stronger than this needle, and I just needed to lie there and wait for him to come back to “stimulate,” which, of course, he didn’t do this time.

Meanwhile, I’m wondering why they don’t have the equivalent to a nurse’s button by the beds, so I could contact someone in case of an acupuncture emergency (though I can’t imagine what that might be).

In time, I felt another needle moving and eventually falling out.

Then I have this very ridiculous mental fantasy in which my body is healing itself and rejecting the needles placed in my ears specifically for pain relief because my body is trying to tell the needles, “I got this, bitches.”

Which I know is stupid, but when a third one fell out, I was picturing the needles shooting out of my ear and hitting the wall, like in a science fiction movie.

Finally, when the hour was up and the guy came back in, I mentioned what had happened. He looked and said, “Yep. You’re right. I don’t put them in very deep, but this is the first time this has ever happened. You must be special; but you probably already knew that, didn’t you?”

What had started it was that one of the interior-most needles had drawn some blood. The needles had been so shallowly inserted that the blood knocked the needle over, which knocked down a second, which eventually pushed on and knocked out a third.

He invited me to use the restroom to “reconstitute” the blood so I could remove it from my earhole. It might have been fun to keep it there just as a talking point today.

He thinks that the Circulation herbal complex is what’s helping me sleep. He said that everything slows down in sleep, and that’s why the pain is so much more intense then. He reasons that the Circulation formula is helping that.

Maybe. But it hurts when I lie down, not just when I am asleep. Regardless, I feel better and I’m not going to criticize explanations. I don’t even care to understand, as long as it works.

Now I need to go take the next 10 pills for the day, so I’m signing off for now.