Picture it: July 2012. James and I had just gotten together, Facebook-officially, and there was no moniker for the team that is now Team Dave’s. What there was, however, was a celebration of the birth of our country.

For that auspicious occasion, I went with James to spend the 4th of July with some of his dad’s family just outside of Muskogee. We had a great afternoon and evening, and one of the things that stuck with us, and that we vowed to try, was James’s uncle’s favorite snack: Doritos with buttermilk.

He thought we might be cynical, and admitted that even his kids had been, but that once they tried it, they loved it. His adult children agreed, and said that they still enjoyed it.


Time has a way of slippin’, slippin’, slippin’ on into the future. Here it is a bright, shiny 2013 and we have only just gotten around to trying this family delicacy.

Here are some pictures, along with some things we learned.

James pours buttermilk into his bowl of chips.

James pours buttermilk into his bowl of chips.

And then onto mine.

And then onto mine.

Here is the first thing we learned, filed under “things that make you go ‘duh'”:

1) Crumble up the chips first. Just like you crumble up your crackers before they fall into the soup. Much more manageable with the spoon.

Doritos and Buttermilk 003

Flavorwise, it was pretty good! Consistency-wise, there was a bit of a comfort curve, but I think that that could have been avoided by the second thing we learned:

2) Get lots of chips and then just moisten them with the buttermilk.

You want enough milk to coat every surface, but you don’t want the chips swimming like cereal does in regular milk. James solved this by adding chips three times during the snack-eating, and I dealt with it because I don’t use a bunch of milk in my cereal, anyway, so I was closer to the ideal ratio (though still a little buttermilk-heavy).

Yeah, I'd eat that!

Yeah, I’d eat that!

Doritos and Buttermilk 007

Similarly to how chocolate cereal turns milk brown, this turned the milk orange! Also, this ratio of chips to milk was just about perfect.

Doritos and Buttermilk 008

Done! And it wasn’t even a chore. Tasty, different, kind of like super easy nachos. Try some! You might be surprised how addictive it is!