Remember our fabulous experience with Gourdough’s Doughnuts a while ago? Well, since then, Gourdough’s has opened a pub!

Of course, as soon as we could get there, we got there.

If you look at their menu, you will notice that most of their dishes feature or include a doughnut!

Daphne’s cousin got a salad, and it came… with. a. doughnut.

Daphne asked if she could solely get a dessert doughnut, and given that their entire menu is basically pre-diabetes, I wasn’t about to insist that she select a savory artery-clogger.

She got the Sin-a-Bomb: melted cinnamon butter and sugar “poured’ (piped, in her case) over cream cheese. On a doughnut.

Daphne's Sin-a-Bon cinnamon cream cheese doughnut.


James ordered the Drunken Hunk: bacon-wrapped meatloaf, potato pancake, fried egg, and house-made candied jalapenos. On a doughnut.

Military Museum and Gourdoughs 031


I got the Count Gourdough Cristo: turkey, ham, Swiss cheese, roasted red peppers, basil, red onions, deep-fried in doughnut dough with an avocado lime sauce. Best plate of the night, I think. 🙂

Military Museum and Gourdoughs 032


The food was, of course, filling. The sandwiches were served with freshly-fried potato chips, which were thick and crispy… they did need salt, in my opinion, and I used my sauce as a dip. It pushed them over the top. Otherwise, they were completely overshadowed by the incredible entrees.

I would like to go back about 4 more times to try all of the stuff that I want to try. In the meantime I’m going to stock up on vegetables and then thank goodness that my chiropractor doesn’t read my blog.