Sunday morning was awesome.

We got up earlier than usual because I had a Krispy Kreme job, and a lot of times when we have to move it in the morning, this results in grumpiness of one or both of us.

This day, however, was sunny and amazing, and we were excited about getting out.

As we were packing up the newspaper, Daphne said, “I love our lives. We just go and do whatever we want.”

When we got to Krispy Kreme, we got our samples, and then our regular doughnuts and drinks, and we sat down.
Shops 001
After we ate our doughnuts, we read the comics and then did one ridiculously easy crossword puzzle and half of a more difficult one. We got to chat and make plans for the day, and we still had plenty of time to spare before we headed off to church.

We got up to leave, and a man who had been sitting across the store from us, also reading his paper and with a Bible on the edge of his table, walked over and asked if he could pray for us. He was very respectful and didn’t get too close, but I could tell that he had been observing us while we hung out.

We bowed our heads and he spoke very quietly, then walked off when he was done. It felt like a “thing,” if that makes sense. It felt important.

The rest of the day was great. We went to church, then had a lunch shop at Whataburger, then went to my sister’s. While the kids played and hung out, I made snacks for a potluck that night. Then we went to the potluck Celebrate + Mission dinner and came home.

Monday was a little more challenging. It wasn’t a banner day. Also, I might have overdone it trying to work out and ended the night a weepy mess, in pain and missing James and just not okay.

Tuesday, I was feeling pretty good. I’d had a bunch of people praying for me the night before, and I was in very little pain. Wednesday, though, it started hurting again, and when I went in for my adjustment, it hurt WORSE. The rest of the day.

Two of D’s cousins came over and hung out with her while I worked, though. They played on the soggy playground after the rain finally stopped. I took a lot of Aleve.

Daphne made her first dish completely by herself: chocolate no-bake cookies. She has a fear of extreme heat, specifically fire, both of which our cooktop features. She was very brave about turning on the propane for the first time… Although she did hesitate after opening the gas for longer than I was comfortable with, which might have resulted in my stressfully insisting, “Turn it to the right! NOW!” so that it’d light politely at the burner instead of becoming this ridiculous gas ball that would encase half of our kitchen.

I’d checked the sign-up sheet and didn’t see much in the way of entrees for our small group dinner, so I decided to pick up a pizza… which, you have to understand, I knew wouldn’t go over super well with our granola foodie small group. I know, usually I try harder myself, but I was running late and I was in pain and I was hormonal and I was just generally having a discouraging day.

So I got the pizza and realized that I was practically out of gas. I went to fill up and headed in for caffeine. Daphne asked if she could get a soda, and I was feeling generous, so I bought her a 20 ounce root beer and myself a 44 ounce Diet Coke.

When we got to small group, I’d forgotten to write down the gate code and had to wait for someone else to come in so I could tailgate them.

We got to the house and got out. Daphne had the Crazy Bread and cookies. I had the pizza and sodas. Balanced on top of the pizza box. Except that they weren’t. They pitched off, hit the ground, exploded, and sent 64 ounces of soda up into my coat pockets, all over my shoes, pants, etc.

I might have cried a wee bit, but it wasn’t spilled milk, so it was okay.

What’s interesting is that I immediately texted James. I wanted him to be there. I wanted him to remind me that this was actually really funny and not bad at all. I wanted him to assure me that my leg won’t hurt forever but even if it did that we would be in it together. I just wanted him.

Fortunately, we got to “hang out” virtually later in the evening, so that was good.

Also, D and I worked out. She is understanding that her stretching me is just going to involve my screaming a bit, and she doesn’t stop. She just apologizes. And keeps at it.

Last night’s work-out seemed to ease some of the soreness from my earlier endeavors, and I slept pretty comfortably last night.

Today, we had a lunch job downtown (which I really need to report, now that I think about it) and I did laundry. It was a gorgeous day, so getting out to run to the laundromat several times was a pleasure.

When we got home, I had most of my work hours in for the week, so I went to hang out with Daphne and read to her while she put away laundry. At some point during that process, I dozed off. When I woke up, it occurred to me that I had done exactly what the cats do, which was to curl up in a ball on Daphne’s bed right in the afternoon sun and crash out.

Tomorrow, I have a Jack in the Box breakfast shop, then nothing until 3:30 (we can have left-over pizza for lunch since, as I suspected, ours wasn’t eaten at small group… although someone had brought an un-pre-accounted-for roast). At 3:30, we’re going to give the food bank volunteering another try.

This is basically what our days and weeks look like when there’s nothing going on.

And it’s pretty spectacular.

Now, if only James were here…