When I was trying to think about what to make this week while James is here (and before I remembered that I have a bunch of eMeals menus saved up in my archives), I asked him what he wanted, and he mentioned broccoli pot pie. It sounded delicious, so I found this recipe here.

Of course, I modified it just a bit. First of all, I used an entire head of broccoli, because as far as I am concerned, the more veggies, the better (we had chocolate sundae cake for dessert, if it makes you feel better). Also, I didn’t have any dry mustard (I hadn’t bought any because I erroneously thought that we did), so I used curry powder and regular mustard. Daphne hated the mustard flavor; I thought it was awesome.

As always, if it calls for 1/2 to 1 cup of cheese, I’m going for the full cup. I also used store-bought pie crusts. I could have done this with just one crust, but I didn’t know it at the time, so our pie was quite crusty. You can roll it out and just use one, unless you really really really like crust (I do!).

Actually, for the rolling, I realized pretty early in that it wasn’t going to work like that and that the best way to do this was to lay the crust over the top of the pot and slowly push down on it to stretch it out, then also fold it together along the sides of the crock pot so that it would “stand up.”

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Before the crust application, I sprayed the crock pot with Mantova garlic olive oil. Then I did the thing I just talked about with the crust stretching. Be patient. It’ll hold together.

As I used two crusts, I first laid the crock pot lid down on one of the dough rounds and pressed a circle shape, which I saved; I used the scraps for the bottom crust.

Once the dough was in place, I just tore the broccoli heads off and dropped them into the dough-lined pot.

Broccoli Pot Pie 002

Once again, I’m getting ahead of myself. The thing you should do ABSOLUTELY firstly is to make the cheese sauce. It’s so easy, and so very tasty. It sat for about twenty minutes whilst I cared for the crust and broccoli and it didn’t separate much at all.

Broccoli Pot Pie 003

I poured the cheese sauce over the broccoli, laid the disc of crust on top of it, then pulled down the edges of the dough. As you can see, I could have just used the dough pull-down as the top crust.

Broccoli Pot Pie 004

After I took this picture, I put an egg wash on top, which is a challenge when one doesn’t have a pastry brush (who knows where it went). I had to get all eggy and do it with my hands.

This cooked for three hours before the crust started to yellow/brown. I let it cook another hour, on low, before opening the lid to take a look.

Broccoli Pot Pie 005


And tasty…Broccoli Pot Pie 006