My friend and pharmacist (not mine; she belongs to the world) Shelly told me a couple of months ago about Asthmaferin. I have a prescription for an Albuterol inhaler called Ventolin; before I got the official diagnosis of asthma, I’d always purchased Primatene Mist, which was discontinued because of its massive effect on the environment (eye roll).

When Primatene was taken off of the market, I had to get myself to a doctor to get a prescription. When Asthmaferin came out, Shelley pointed it out to me. I just ran out of Ventolin and thought I’d see about this over-the-counter stuff.

The starter kit is $55ish, which comes to just under $60 with tax here in Austin. This is what you get:

Cat hack and Asthmaferin 004

As you might notice, this is 10 doses. The refill is closer to $35, so this parses out to about $3.50 a dose, making this not at all how it bills itself, which is an alternative to Primatene Mist. The only way it compares is that you don’t need a prescription. This isn’t to say that I’m not pleased or that I don’t recommend it, I just object to its being sold as an alternative since it’s a completely different animal.

Actually, what is is more similar to is a nebulizer treatment.

You take the dose, drop it into the atomizer, turn the machine on, and breathe it in for the thirty seconds or so before the medicine is gone. The effect is immediate and overwhelming. It made me cough at first, then I could feel my chest relaxing. I also started shaking and my legs got kind of funny feeling and numbish. I drink a lot of caffeine and am pretty immune to the jitters there.

This made me woozy, but I was really comfortable for the first time in a few weeks.

So I got all excited and decided to write this review.

Then half an hour passed, and the “extremely comfortable, wide-open chest” feeling went the way of the shakes and now I’m back to breathing better than I was, but it’s still slightly labored.

In the final analysis, I’m going to keep this on hand for those times that my rescue inhaler just isn’t enough. It’s good for that.

But I’m going to have to refill my Ventolin tomorrow. For this reason, Asthmaferin is in no way a replacement, functionally. It is an effective, cheaper, and more compact alternative to a nebulizer, though. For that reason, it’s worth having on hand.