Yes, please.

Today, I was feeling pretty emotionally vulnerable. When I was looking on Google Maps for a promising place to park for the Zilker Christmas “tree” lighting, I realized that this little food trailer was right down the street from the park, and that there was on-street parking across from the food truck lot.

As an aside, it breaks my heart a little bit how close this is to Pecan Grove, the RV park where I desperately wanted to live when we moved to Austin. Daphne insists that she likes where we live better. It is nicer, more residential, and we have a beautiful pool. Plus, Daphne learned to ride her bike on our roads, and the streets in Pecan Grove are all gravel, then the exit leads to Barton Springs, right at the end of a bike lane, unless you’re headed into town. But I digress.

When I read “Inner Warrior,” I knew that I needed that. So we headed over.

Brain Power and Thieves.

We also got two truffles, which are $1 each. Not too shabby! The square one is “Brain Power,” which has blue-green algae in it. The round one is “Thieves,” which is like a chai tea.

Inside. The orb one was like chai tea; the other had blue-green algae in it.

Very smooth, very dark, and Daphne said “bitter.” Really, you can taste the chocolate; it’s not over-sweetened. The rich flavor of chocolate shines through. This isn’t kids’ stuff; go to Big Top for that, I suppose.

D's thick Inner Child chocolate.

Daphne got “Inner Child.” It has their chocolate base with coconut milk and honey. Daphne liked it okay, but, again, being 11, came home and sweetened it with more honey in order to make it taste more like she expects chocolate to taste.

My Inner Warrior. See the rainbow bubbles?

This is mine. I love the rainbow bubbles! It had the chocolate base, coconut milk, hemp seeds, Chia seed gel, maca (a root), cordyceps (a fungus that grows on caterpillars!), and honey. It was very hearty, not very sweet, and extremely filling. It gave me a lot of energy, and I loved drinking it even though it was 80 degrees and I’d ordered it hot.

The trailer.

We’ll be back again… after I save up some more money. The drinks range in price here from $4.50 to $10, and they have chocolate that can be served hot, cold, or vegan. They also have coffee and tea. They have add-ins like banana flake and deer antler, but we just ordered straight.

Also in this park are Honky Tonk Hot Dogs, Gypsy Kit (eclectic food), Mister Fruit Cup (which is what it sounds like, but fancier), and a couple of other trailers. Just down the street is Flip Happy Crepes. There is limited on-street parking, and this is easy walking distance to Zilker, if you’re trying to get to a busy event or don’t want to pay $5 parking on the weekends (but *are* willing to pay that much for some drinking chocolate!).