I found this recipe for homemade Butterfingers that included both peanut butter and melted candy corn. Hello?! How could I not?

Candy corn in a pan. Yummy!

That’s right… I had to use the not-Brach’s. Oh well. I couldn’t go to more than one store. 🙂

Starting to lose its composure.
Sort of globbing together.
Really melting now!

Can you tell that I was hugely fascinated with the candy corn melting process?

So smooth and creamy.
Next, add chunky peanut butter. (Which is not what we use for sandwiches.)
Then spread it in an 8 x 10 pan.
Blurry, but I was excited about topping the stuff with melted chocolate!
Love my offset spatula.
It gets really crispy! Just like a Booterfanger!
It makes a LOT!