Still, the McDonald steak bagel thing is the search that brings most people to this blog. Yeesh.

Anyhoo, there are some that I just don’t get. Some make more sense. Here are a few:

1) no
When you look up “no” you get… me? Am I that negative?

2) i drive over toes
Excuse me? I have never, EVER driven over toes, to my knowledge. If I have, whomever it was should have screamed louder.

3) what happened with your fingers
Well, I really set myself up for that one.

4) real people living in a van down by the river
Yes! This person gets what this blog is truly about.

5) “i love macadamia nuts”
In quotes, even. I do, but have I said this in the blog? I suppose I have.

6) french gymnast springs a leak
Err. Um. I’m pretty sure this one is. Wow. I don’t even know.

7) signs do not use
Signs do not use what?! I’m held in suspense!

8) dorito fingers

9) happy anniversary baby
Thanks, sugar.

10) chocolate covered beef jerky
Yeah. I did that. No, I don’t recommend.

11) todder tots of sonic
Err. Etymology lesson: “Potato” -> “tater” Hence: TATER tots. A guy with whom I went on one date in high school did purposefully order tater *vulgar reference to female area*s just to irritate the Sonic staff. I’ll bet he’s one who’d search the web for “dorito fingers,” too.

12) how to make tye die fondant
Yea! Hope it helped!

13) soiled plate conveyor
Oooh… I’d like to see one of those in action, too! It’d take me right back to my one semester I spent in a dorm and had to eat at the campus cafeteria.

14) wordpress cherryberry sherman
Seriously? Are we still nursing that old grudge? By the way: Is Orange Leaf just Cherryberry somewhere else and with a slightly different color scheme?

15) “i love mountain dew”
SO. DO. I!

16) oklahom suga art
I’m surprised that “t” made it.

17) tmobile energy drink
Is that a thing?

18) living down by the river in a van laura
Hi, whomever you are. I have my suspicions. See former entry picture caption. *wink*

19) garden hose, water
Two great tastes that taste great together!

20) worst cats who ever lived

21) beans drying
How? I don’t… unless it was cacao beans.

22) pretty rectangles
I prefer the rhombus, but to each his own.

23) what is the white sleeve on my garden hose?
Did you ever find out? Maybe it’s just fancy?

24) renting a place and you thought the utilities were included
We stand together, my friend.

25) ikea run – down below
Umm… yikes? I… what?

There are also several searches for Wonka’s golden ticket. I hope, if one of them is hidden on my site, that I find it first. No offense to the readers, of course, but in case you hadn’t noticed, I could use a vacation! I’m living in a VAN down by the RIVER*!

*it’s really an air field