My talented friend Traci gave me the heads-up earlier this week that her husband’s band was going to be playing at Freddie’s Place on South First this weekend.

I was excited initially because they started playing at six (instead of ten, which is when the band I want to hear tomorrow is opening, and this type of late-night set is challenging for a single mom to navigate), and then I looked online at Freddie’s menu and got foodie-excited. No non-job-related meals out this week! We were saving it up for Freddie’s Place!

Daphne and I had already decided what we were going to order, so the menus were a mere formality. We ordered some fries to share while we waited on our hamburgers, and Daphne played on the playground, out of which she will age in less than a month.

What if they want to be sold to gypsies?

The fries were tasty, and are on the appetizers menu that is half price all day Monday and from 4-7 Tuesday through Friday. Memo to me: Meet my sister and her five kids here one Happy Hour, and let them play on the playground while we nosh on cheap appetizers. Uh, except for the oldest. And Daphne, if we wait too long.

Back to business! Daphne ordered the Stuffed Frederonie, which is 1/2 pound of Angus beef stuffed with pepperoni, mozzarella, and pizza sauce. It also came with a generous helping of hamburger veggies, which D gave me to eat as a salad.

I ordered the Fredelvis, which is peanut butter, hamburger, bacon, and bananas served on Texas toast with honey on the side. The waitress was very insistent that I had to cover that sammich in honey. I tried it without, and it was good. But once I put the honey on, it became a miraculous, delightful, transport-me-to-another-plane-of-consciousness mess.

Daphne’s Frederonie with all of the fixin’s.

Lettuce gone, Daphne took a picture of the burger as cheese dribbled down it.

My Fredelvis. Hummina-hummina-hummina.

Being rained on by the honey bear of deliciousness!


The band.

The fully costumed awesome knight on the playground.