Does this ever happen to you? You see a recipe and think, “Yummy! I should make that!” Except that you don’t have any of the ingredients?

Yeah. That’s a bad thing when you’re baking. For this kind of thing, though, it works.

First of all, Money-Saving Mom had this great recipe earlier this week. It looks delicious!

Thing is, we don’t keep chocolate chips in the house. It’s not that I have anything against them. It’s just that, when we have them, if they’re not used in a recipe posthaste, we eat them.

But I had some other stuff.

So I mixed together 1 cup of chocolate Cheerios and 1.5 cups of banana nut Cheerios.

Then I added a full 2 cups of oatmeal (because I didn’t have any flax seeds; I *wish* I’d had some toasted hemp seeds, but, alas…), a very generous half cup of dried cranberries, and a very generous half cup of cacao nibs.


Then I mixed up the brown sugar and honey. I skimped a little on the honey (it’s super expensive local stuff) and added a little more brown sugar (because some of the sweetness in the original recipe would come from the chocolate chips, which I don’t have… even though I did add the nibs for chocolate flavor and some nutty crunchy stuff).

Some day soon, I’m just going to make this sugar/peanut butter slurry by itself, let it set up, and have some super dense protein candy. I might not have scraped this pan very thoroughly when I initially emptied it onto the dry ingredients. Unfortunately, Daphne caught me “cleaning up” and I ended up having to give the spatula to her.


Here they are… ready to be cut! We’re supposed to take them to friends’ house tomorrow night. Will they make it? We’ll see! (Fortunately, we still do have popcorn on which to snack, if we were so inclined.)