We finally made it to Cornucopia today! This might not seem like a big deal to you natives, but we’ve been here precisely five weeks, and approaching it the first time from the south during rush hour was a little bit like trying to… do something really impossible. You’ll have to excuse me; I think I have an iron deficiency that is preventing me from any successful attempts to think, much less pen, anything even remotely clever.

Fortunately for everyone, you can order from the Cornucopia website and they’ll deliver their exceptional popcorn to your home, place of business, church, hut, or shopping mall.

If you’re in Austin, though, you can stop by. If you are driving, plan carefully. Go during off-hours. Or park somewhere farther away and take in some of the famous Downtown Austin/University of Texas sites. We could conceivably ride bikes, but we were in the area after volunteering for a bit, anyway, so we stopped by and – yea! – we were able to park right next to the store!

When we first walked in, I thought that the inventory looked pretty paltry… Then I realized that we were, in fact, viewing walls packed with SAMPLES. Oh, my goodness! We tried a couple, and I ordered from the very nice gentleman behind the counter.

As he left to prepare my bags, we tried a couple more samples, and I already know what I’m going to order the next time we visit!

While we waited, I noticed that the “cafe” area has two of the Ikea tables that I would have bought had our apartment thing in Sherman worked out. (And, by the way, how awesome is it that it didn’t?! I’d still be in the throes of a lease somewhere north of Dallas!)

Nutella Delight! (and no, I didn’t)

Chocolate-Covered Cherry!

We’re trying to pace ourselves with our haul, but it’s not easy! You’ll find our bring-homes below the beautiful cherry popcorn pic…

Birthday Cake

Peanut Butter Chocolate

And my *favorite*: a mix of smoky sweet bbq with caramel cheddar.

Allow me to wax poetic for a moment, if I might. The Smoky Sweet BBQ (cringe; it *should* say “barbecue,” but I digress) is amazing. It starts of sugary on your tongue, then gets savory, then ends with on a slightly spicy note. It’s very yummy, and, to me (Daphne disagrees), the crisp bite of the also sweet/savory cheddar caramel corn makes for a perfect handful of goodness (she thinks they are better separately).