Yes, I’ve done Banana “Ice Cream” before. Today, it was just a side dish for the easy, secretly healthy breakfast I made for the girl cousins who’d spend the night with Daphne.

My parents had sent over a loaf of whole wheat bread (yep, they’re visiting; they waited a whole 48 hours after I moved before they had to see the grands!), and I made each girl a peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich.

The jelly is the only sugary inclusion in this entire dish.

Hey… Here’s a question: How do *you* make a pb&j? Peanut butter on one slice, jelly on the other, then mush together? Or peanut butter topped with jelly topped with other bread? Or mix the peanut butter and jelly and then put it on bread? Just curious.

Note: This was WAY too many eggs for three girls’ French toast.

The finished product!

I had put a dusting of powdered sugar on the plate for presentation’s sake, and I had put syrup on the table but all of the girls agreed that this was “sweet” enough without anything else on it. Between the eggs and peanut butter, it was packed with protein; it is served on whole wheat bread, and each had the equivalent of one whole banana. A great breakfast!

Three out of three cousins agree: yummy! Note the untouched syrup.

And it’s tidy enough to eat with your hands. (Not so much the ice cream.)