Today, Daphne and I headed to JuiceBox Soup Peddler on West Mary, headed in that direction by a Groupon I bought weeks ago. The menu looked incredible; we had everything picked out before we even left the house.

This was our first real Austin outing, and it served as an impressive introduction to the city for Daphne. This isn’t a food truck, but it is a window-order, sit-outside establishment.

Fun artwork, hinting at the goodness on the menu.

The seating area features wooden picnic tables with containers of chalk, for your decorating pleasure. There are a couple of very powerful fans, as well. We just opted for the shade, and quickly moved to the car. It’s quite hot.

Want to call in your order first? Their phone number is super easy to remember!

Otherwise, step right up to the very inviting window, meet the delightful order-taker, and go.

I ordered the Green Monster: a smoothie made with broccoli, peanut butter, coconut water, banana, and spinach. Daphne got the banana peanut butter smoothie. To eat, I chose the mixed greens salad with shaved fennel, red grapes, and crumbled Gorgonzola on mixed greens with apricot vinaigrette. D had the green apple Muenster grilled cheese sandwich.

Here’s the Green Monster! It came with a rather large straw; I suppose this is so any chunks make it easily up and into ones mouth. Mine was super smooth, and I tasted most the peanut butter. Daphne, after trying her banana PB smoothie, said mine wasn’t as sweet. I thought it was delicious! And filling. I had to save the salad for a bit later.

D’s sandwich. Beautiful and, according to her, VERY well done.

My salad. It looks tinier than it is, as I found later when I couldn’t properly toss it without transferring it to a larger bowl.


See what I mean? It done exploded.

Had we paid normally, our order would have been just under $18. I only paid $10 for the Groupon, so this was a great deal for which I would be more than willing to pay full price. Daphne said: “Remember: Soup Peddler equals AWESOME!”