The repairman came today and got our slide unstuck; he’s ordering a circuit board for the water heater, so hopefully we’ll have appropriately warm showers and dish-washing capabilities soon.

I took several pictures around the trailer and the new park… Enjoy!

D’s room, remade!

She still has a bunch of Harry Potter stuff. 🙂

My room. Not much difference from before.

La toilette.

The slide! Finally out!

The Wall of Awesome.

The kitchen.

D, chilling on the patio in the shade.

The whole lot! I love it. The car is in the shade all day!

The community clubhouse.

The patio at the pool.

Daphne hanging out by the pool.

Inside the clubhouse. There’s a lending library and…

…A kitchen!

A DVD lending library, too.

Snacks for sale.

Recycling center!


The laundry room.

Common grills and picnic tables.

Nice, right? I think we’re gonna like it here!