3:43 AM – Wake up, like wide-awake, lie in bed for an hour trying to decide whether just to get up and start doing stuff.

6:00 AM – Alarm goes off. Apparently “decided” to fall back to sleep at some point.

6:08 AM – Shower. Cold. Cold. Cold. Cold.

6:12 AM – Run into my bedroom yelling at Daphne, still sleeping, to turn off the fan because my teeth were chattering. Warm up under the blankets.

6:15 AM – Start draining the sewer line. So glad I found those rubber gloves.

6:20 AM – Become increasingly horrified how gross waste management is.

6:45 AM – Change tactics and unhook the cable modem. The internet works no worse when it’s unplugged than it did when it had a power source and a connection to cable lines.

7:15 AM – Start jacking down the RV. Realize at some point that the front right jack is mounted upside down, but that the bottom side is the only one with instructions printed on it. Have to ignore those, though, because for that one jack, “counter-clockwise” is up and vice-versa. All of the rest operate properly; a couple after some serious WD-40 treatment.

7:45 AM – Text The Dude Who Moved My Trailer  and tell him to text me when he’s 10 minutes out. He said he was running late, as he’d hit traffic in Grapevine and that he’d be there by 8:30. Based on where he told me he was, I knew he’d be there by 8:15.

7:47 AM – D goes out to get her birdhouse, leaving the door not all the way shut. Both cats get out. Daphne cries, gets Rudy, we  remand him to the car.

7:55 AM – Bring in the patio furniture.

8:05 AM – Dude texts me that he’s 10 minutes out. Bring in front slide, turn refrigerator to gas, and turn off electricity.

8:07 AM – Daphne catches Carol and throws her in the car.

8:15 AM – Dude gets there. He hooks up, his sweet little ginger boy sticks his head out and asks to play, but is told to stay in the car.

8:30 AM – Ready to go! Stop by the office to pay electricity. Cats meowl as though they are being slowly murdered.

They huddle with Daphne for comfort. Daphne wears her pajamas because we pulled her room “in” and had already put the bag in the car, and we’re not all that fancy, anyway.

8:44 AM – Drop off wi-fi router at Cable One.

11:12 AM – Drive-through Waco Chick-fil-A for lunch, courtesy a gift card from fellow homeschoolers. That place was PACKED. At least ten cars in the drive-through. So I went in and D stayed with the felines.

1:07 PM – Arrive at the RV park. Drive by our spot; we love it! Check in at the office. The clubhouse is fun, with a TV and sitting room, snacks for sale, staff who obviously try to learn your name, and people constantly going in and out.

1:11 PM – Realize that the wi-fi is not going to be strong enough for two people working and one kid schooling/Minecrafting, so spend nearly an hour on the phone with Time Warner. They are irritated that my teammate used the same phone number for his account that I am trying to use for mine. I’m not sure how they fixed that, but it became a non-issue later.

1:35 PM – Dude gets here with my trailer. He backs it in, I set up the electric first thing and turn on the a/c. It promptly becomes clear that the living room/dinette slide won’t extend. Daphne’s room works. We bring in the cats.

2:35 PM – For the most part, everything has been brought inside/outside as necessary. The water is hooked up, and the sewer is, too… for now. Travis County has a most wonderful ordinance that if an RV is staying in the same place for 30 days or more, it has to be removed from the unit with PVC instead of the Rhino pipe. This bodes well for a more conservative rationing of Duct Tape, if nothing else. Mental note to add that to my calendar for two weeks from now, when I’m not on the verge of mental death from exhaustion. Done.

3:18 PM – Daphne and I head to Time Warner to pick up the wireless router! They’d said that it would be shipped in 2 – 5 business days, but I threw a hissy fit about that one. Also, I requested no installation appointment, because, hey, I’m not an idiot, right?

3:31 PM – Oh, yeah! This is what it’s like to live in a bigger city! Take a number and sit down. In the super-cold A/C. We don’t complain. We enjoy.

4:00 PM – Hit the car wash. Not literally. Wash the car. Vacuum the profuse collection of nervous-cat-hair.

4:10 PM – McDonald’s for soda (me) and strawberry banana smoothie (for D; who had helped me lots and was going to help a lot more!).

4:33 PM – Time to unpack! Because of the non-functional slide, we have to climb over the u-shaped dinette and through a hole that would not allow a more corpulent person passage. Unpacked D’s room; it’s a lot more organized than it had been. She has more room now, too, our having ridden ourselves of the PC that was in her TV hole.

5:45 PM – For a small space, the unpacking is taking quite a while. I keep going out to adjust a jack, put something in storage, put boxes in the car, etc. Sister invites us over for dinner. There is sweat dripping down my nose, and I am filthy and smelly. We decline.

6:15 PM – I challenge Daphne to be done by 7. She insists we will be finished at 6:30. Which we are.

6:30 PM – Blessed shower. Wouldn’t have minded a cool one, but the water heater was actually working, so it was comfortable, and eased the pain in my back and shoulders. To enter the bathroom, because of the non-sliding slide, I have either to open the door before I climb, or go all the way into Daphne’s room and open the door completely flat to get in. The guy will be here to fix it between 3 and 5 tomorrow.

7:00 PM – D and I are in bed, eating grapes and apples and cookies. Anything else is too ambitious. While I work, we listen to a couple of Mark Driscoll messages.

9:00 PM – Daphne finds the bike she wants online. I promise to buy them tomorrow. But I need a few hours to work first, too!

9:28 PM – The Brownies get online and Skype with D. She WILL be in bed by 10. This day is SO over. 🙂

All in all, it was drama-free. It would have been so much worse if the air conditioner hadn’t worked. Or the refrigerator. The slide-out is a pain in the back, literally, but by tomorrow, it will be fixed.

Daphne is a little homesick; we haven’t had a chance to “experience” Austin. We probably won’t until later in the week. This weekend, we’re going to a neat festival, then to our first church service Sunday morning and their picnic Sunday afternoon. This will be home in no time! We’re just too beat to enjoy it much.