Apparently, today is National S’Mores Day, as if we needed a time/reason to celebrate marshmallow graham chocolaty goodness. I was made aware of this by a provocative e-mail from the Pillsbury company, whose website is replete with Sandra-Lee-esque largely-thrown-together “recipes.” Still, I’m a sucker for them. Just look at these search results and try not to fall in love! (Don’t ask me how the pork chops got up in there.) CARAMEL APPLE S’MORES NACHOS?! Well, that’s not what I did. Tomorrow is another day. Anyhoo…

Daphne and I found two “recipes” we wanted to try. One was super easy, the S’more Chippers. In fact, Keebler Soft Batch cookies were on sale so cheap, I didn’t even bother with the refrigerated dough! Just two minutes to warm up the cookies and marshmallow halves, smoosh it down, and dump melted chocolate (with a touch of shortening) – no, I don’t use “coating.” Ick. – and done!

The other recipe we liked was the Mini S’mores Hand Pies. A girlfriend is having some people over tonight, so I wanted to make something yummy to take for snacks.

You can see the recipe; here is my take, pictorially.  Because of how hot it gets in the RV, I did this in the extremely early morning, so pardon the low light.

Pie crust rounds. Note: I have never placed fish on this cutting board.

Believe it or not, I don’t have a pastry brush. I spooned the butter and swiped it with the back of the spoon.

Dredging… Daphne requested chocolate graham crackers. Brilliant!

Yummy cream cheese, marshmallow creme, chocolate chip filling. We made four times as much of this as we “had” to. Lots of left-overs for later!

This is how the website says to construct these. Um, have you MET marshmallow cream? I don’t trust it, so…


… a little insurance. Plus it looks purty.



The finished product!! 🙂


Oh, P.S.

Neapolitan Bars

I also made these, but you can see more professional step-by-step instructions here. You should bookmark that site, too… great recipes! You’ll notice that she does hers in what’s probably a more-attractive chocolate, vanilla, then strawberry. I realize that the top layer is going to rise highest, so, chocolate crowns mine! Plus, I’m lazy. I didn’t want to wash my mixer, so I mixed white, strawberry, and chocolate, in that order. That’s just how I roll.