This morning, I was lying in bed trying to think of what I might make for breakfast. We’re out of eggs. Can you do pancakes without eggs? I have some Pink Lady apples… I could make a compote, perhaps? Ooh… Apple Compote Crepes! Oh, right. No eggs. Dang it. Know what else I have? Some crumbled bacon. Bacon and apple pancakes. With no eggs.

I found a recipe on for Vegan Pancakes. I followed it almost exactly, except that I doubled it, used brown instead of white sugar, and omitted 1/4 cup of water to make up for the liquid in the brown sugar and apples. As it turned out, this made VERY thick, hearty pancakes that promise to stick with me for most of the day. Lunch is an hour away and I can’t imagine being hungry.

Besides all of those changes, of course, I added a few things…

That’s right! Cheese! And not just any cheese. An amazing hard cheese that I got from Scardello in Dallas. It was aged for months, then wrapped in tobacco as it aged further, giving it a nutty, spicy note that I imagined would work well with the sweet apple.

Dry ingredients…

…then wet.

At this point, it was more like a thin dough than a batter.

Next, I grated in about 1/2 of the Pink Lady (Daphne ate the rest).

Immediately, the water content of the batter increased.

On to more grating. This time, we’re getting cheesy.

How gorgeous is that? Like a stained glass window. Err. Stained cheese window?

Finally, add the bacon bits and mix it into a frenzy of sharp cheese, sweet crunchy apple, salty bacon goodness.

On to the cooking part, wherein we see whether egg-free pancakes will stand up when called on.

1/3 cup… really thick batter.

They browned up nicely; I kept the heat on low and cooked them for longer than I would cook typical pancakes. I didn’t want the middle to be laced with potential botulism, though, so I was patient.

There they are! Naked in all of their puffy glory. The lack-of-egg problem ended up being no problem! I wish I could say that we topped these with hand-churned butter and some fancy homemade or 100% maple syrup, but that’s not the case. Store brand butter/margarine mix and Aunt Jemima light fake syrup… and these were tasty enough to stand up to those substandard toppings. I will definitely make them (or something like them; or something totally different but maybe using the same base) again!