Yesterday, my teammate’s mom mentioned a BK employee pushing a bacon sundae on her (which she posted to Facebook since she knew of my love for local Momo’s Donuts’ maple-bacon doughnuts – available only on weekends!).

I had never heard of such a thing! And, of course, I couldn’t let another day go by… So, lunchtime took Daphne and me to our local Burger King, where they happened to also be featuring a buy one/get one free promotion on their classic chicken sandwiches.

One of the “barbecue” summer items they had advertised was a pulled pork sandwich, which Daphne wanted. Apparently that is discontinued, even though it’s still being advertised in the store.

Back to the sundae. Here it is from the BK promotional material.

Here is what I got.

Yeah, buddy!

The bacon appeared slightly overcooked, but it worked perfectly with the ice cream, because it was crunchy throughout. Had it still been somewhat chewy, it would have been as icky as some people think the bacon/ice cream combo sounds.

Also, I didn’t have any little chunks of bacon. All of mine was pretty much one- to three-inch strips of crispy, meaty goodness.

Like this one, coated in chocolate.

In case you know nothing about this brilliant concoction, it’s ice cream, hot fudge sauce, caramel, and bacon. So, basically, the bacon does serve as a nut replacement, and I prefer it. The saltiness of the bacon works with the caramel (anyone tried any sea salt caramel?), and bacon and chocolate are just a perfect combination, anyway. Put them all together with ice cream, and, well…

Yeah. I would have licked the bowl, were that physically possible.

I even ate the whole sundae before I tackled another new BK offering: sweet potato fries!

Very yummy. Too salty toward the bottom, and I ADORE salt. Maybe it was a fluke. No extra charge for this mini-review, folks!