My hair is naturally fairly oily, but since I bleached (fried) it last summer for Harry Potter, the ends are crispy and prone to increased damage. This and time constraints mean that some days, I just can’t/don’t want to wash my hair every single day.

I have tried a couple of dry shampoos, and wasn’t too impressed. It should go without saying, if you follow this blog or know me at all, that I haven’t tried the $25 variety; we’re talking CVS/grocery store purchases here.

Anyway, most recently, I purchased this:


The way this works is a lot like Carpet Fresh, except that instead of sprinkling it on your carpet, you spray it onto your scalp. But, just like Carpet Fresh, you have to leave it for a bit so it can “soak up” the oil and odor.

See the powdery stuff?

To keep the sprayer from clogging and to make sure that everything (like the clay) comes out, you need to shake the can repeatedly during the application.

All done!









Next, you do something for a couple of minutes. I recommend washing your face, cleaning out the cat box, singing karaoke, or eating the last piece of Amish fudge.

After that, you just brush your hair. First of all, it will smell a lot better than it did before, unless you slept in a literal bed of roses. Also, check out how much more body the roots have! No oil loading it down and making it look dirty for Day Two!

The picture on the right is the one I took after just brushing this morning. It doesn’t look too bad right this moment, but later in the day, it’d be matted and oily. The picture on the left is the one after I sprayed. I hadn’t styled yet, but you can see a difference in the volume and lightness. Love it!