My friend’s birthday is Monday. I asked him what kind of cake he wanted, because that’s what I do, you see… I supply baked goods for special occasions. Without that, what do I have? “I mean, besides my radiant good looks and effervescent personality?” (to quote my “sister” in the play)

Well, for some ridiculous reason, my friend has recently taken an interest in eating more healthy and blah blah blah boring cake-rejecting whatever, and in the end, he acquiesced that if I *did* make a cake, he’d prefer it be a small one.

Hmmph. What use is a small cake?

Then, inspiration hit! I remembered something I’d seen in D’s book “Tiny Treats.”

I went to work. First step (and, in my opinion, the most important): Make frosting!

Let’s take a moment, shall we?


Moving on.

We’re preparing to make a VERY small cake. So I wrapped a left-over Halloween paper plate in foil for presentation’s sake. Then I assembled the main portion of the “cake.”

That’s right: Pop Tarts.

Brown sugar Pop Tarts, to be specific. This is when it helps to have right tools for the right job. See my camera and my un-made-up face in the reflection?

First, a little frosting “glue” on the plate.








Put down the first layer, and frost it to make the top flat. (Note my icing “glue” in use on the top corner.)





Add the top layer, icing side down. Then frost the whole thing.

Piping on something this small is a challenge!

Now, Michael’s birthday isn’t until Monday, but that’s perfect. This needs to sit at least 24 hours so that the Pop-Tarts absorb some of the moisture from the icing and it gets cake-like and can actually be cut.

So, basically, this will end up being like a fairly generous slice of cake, but when cut into, it will have several pretty layers. A perfect compromise?