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This is easy enough, right? No one appears in this video because D and I were both so hot and sweaty from our respective day’s activities.


Today, I had some left-over stuff, so I made something even better with the individual awesome left-overs. No explanation needed, unless you’re a moron, and I know my dear readers not to be morons, to here we go…

When I was in Austin a few weeks ago, I was treated to an eyeful and the mind-opening awareness that there existed chocolate-covered Oatmeal Creme Pies. Yeah, those Little Debbie things that are full of vanilla icing. I took a mental note to try something like that later.

Later came this week at my sister’s house. It was great, because Daphne doesn’t necessarily participate a lot in my kitchen exploits. With cousins participating, however, she deigned to help.

We started by taking the sandwiches apart.

TJ performs precision surgery.

Mackenzie splitting the sandwiches.

So, if chocolate-covered plain cream pies would be good, how could we make it even better?

Next step: Add Marshmallow Fluff!

On the other half, peanut butter!

D’s done!


Look at that delicious mound of fabulosity!

The chocolate-dipping was a messy, messssy project. The finished produce wasn’t professional-looking, but…

In hindsight, there were a couple of things we could have done better. First, the addition of the peanut butter and marshmallow creme probably made these taste even amazing-er, but deconstructing the sandwiches wreaked havoc with their structural integrity, and the added gooey stuff wanted to ooze. Second, I’m guessing that refrigerating these briefly would have made them easier to dip and less prone to breaking apart.

Overall, a very fun and delicious experiment. And messy!!

The littles didn’t help with the pie-dunking, but they did enjoy the left-overs. Very much.

After the utensils stopped working, it was time to physically lick the bowl.

…And lick.



Chocolate makes everybody happy!


Yea for left-over chocolate!