Earlier this week, I’d toyed with the idea of making a crock pot cake to use up the excess strawberries we had left over from our berry-picking adventure, and to do so without heating up the trailer. I found a few recipes online and they all seemed pretty similar: dump cakes that involved pie filling and cake mix. I hadn’t either, and was trying to use fresh strawberries, but thanks for nothing, internet.

This morning, I decided to experiment. A caveat here: There are SO many awesome recipe/baking sites on the internet. There is no way I can produce content like Picky Palate, Punch Fork, Pioneer Woman, Allrecipes, Food Network, et al. The stuff that I post here is to encourage you to experiment with things and develop an intuitive way of cooking, so that you don’t have to use recipes. That’s one thing that I really like about Alton Brown’s “applications” approach to cooking.

That said…

1) Strawberry pie filling? Ummm…

Strawberries, some honey, and some sugar in a pan. Heated it until it bubbled like this. It was a lot more runny than pie filling, but I had a plan for it, so I left it that way and dumped it in the bottom of the crock pot.

2) Cake mix? Nope. Here’s what I did have…

Yup. Blueberry wheat pancake mix, shortening (the recipe had called for butter), and really, REALLY old (to me) already old (and on sale) buttermilk. Remember the banana pudding? Yeah.

I mixed them together until they were about the same consistency as dumplings, then I dropped the stuff in spoonfuls over the strawberries and juice.

Then it cooked for several hours.

Tick tick tick tick.


And Little Women.

But… CAKE!!! With strawberries on the bottom. Not too sweet, and would probably be absolutely delicious with a bit of ice cream. Daphne loved it!