I was just looking over the search engine terms that have led people to this blog. Might I share with you some of my favorite, please? Thank you…

1) Variations on McDonald’s Steak, Egg, and Cheese Bagel are by far the most represented.

2) Oklahoma Sugar Arts Festival.

3) Taco Bell Locos Doritos Tacos.

4) And then other products/places I’ve reviewed like Capriotti’s, L’Oreal hair color, chocolate bars, etc. The key here, I guess, is to keep up name brand reviews in order to draw viewers to this site. Maybe they’ll stay here and enjoy themselves. 🙂

5) Several random people, including Gretchen Ort, who owns Savor the Moment Bakery, and whom I met very briefly at Jen Yates’ “Wreck the Halls” book tour last year; Kerry Vincent, who is famous and you should know who she is; same thing with Alton Brown (and his associated “2011 book tour”); my employer, and the search included her maiden name, a la Facebook… Umm, you might have a stalker, woman. Don’t go outside after dark.

6) “worst cats for children.” We got ’em!

7) “slimfast shaker.” I’m sure this is because of the hair color shaker tumbler thing to which I referred once. Sorry for the Rickroll, searchers of the interwebs.

8) “trailer trash art.” I almost bought a weather vane at the Dallas Arboretum last month. It had a spinning sunflower, and a counter-spinning something else behind it. Would it qualify?

9) “last minute desserts for groups.” Yea!

10) “messed up hair with L’Oreal Courleur Experte.” Maybe because you can’t read? Like the label? AND the directions? Oh, and P.S… HEY!!!

11) “why is sweet potato tots so greasy” *shrug* Maybe YOU’RE the greasy one?

12) Lots of variations on Willy Wonka’s golden ticket. Did I write about that?

13) Cherry Berry versus Yogurt Story. Aww, don’t get us started on THAT again. (Also, Cherry Berry versus TCBY)

14) “icecandy.” What is that?

15) “renting a place and you thought the utilities were included.” I know, right?!

16) “good eats ‘the once and future fish’ is that alton’s daughter?” Yes. Yes, it is.

17) “Claire’s gummy bear necklace.” Eww. Sticky.

18) “how much do sylvan learning office managers make?” No idea.

19) “christening cakes for older girls.” Are we christening older girls like, baptismally? Or with cake? And wouldn’t that be like a bachelor party?

20) Lots of variations on fondant.

21) “hot trailor trash ladies.” Well, shucks, you four… This one is for you.

Keep searchin’ and keep visitin’! See you soon!