This guy.

Our RV park was probably paved when it was first built in 1886. Since then, as rain and use have wreaked havoc on the drive, it has been graveled over.

There are several pretty severe potholes. Occasionally, after a rainy season which has displaced a good deal of gravel, one of the managers  will get out with a small front-loader and move stuff around until the holes fill back out.

It usually lasts until the next rain.

I’m sure many of us have had the idea that it would be much lower-maintenance and a lot better on the vehicles around here if they would just repave the drive, but I’m sure that is an expensive proposition.

So, every time it rains quite a bit, this sweet man gets out with his broom and sweeps rocks into the potholes around his space. There are a dozen or more.

I don’t know anything about him, except that he’s probably in his 80s and that this seems to be his sweeping uniform. Today, I noticed him out when I was doing laundry. He was at this job on and off for 4 hours.

Fortunately, there is no rain in the foreseeable forecast. Hopefully he can take a well-deserved break.