Yesterday, I wanted to take something yummy to take to a friend’s house… but, as we learned last year, baking in the RV during the summer is tantamount to starting a fire in the middle of your living room when it’s 93 degrees outside and your a/c hasn’t shut off since sunrise.

Since I’d just seen Paula Deen’s “Not Yo Mama’s Banana Pudding” at birthday party last week, that was fresh on my mind. Also, I had some left-over chocolate chips from my most recent marshmallow Peeps dipping (which I was supposed to have given my nephew but instead left in my car the whole day when we were at Six Flags, and they all melted into a clump and Daphne and I have been eating them ever since; Happy Birthday, TJ!), so I was thinking algebraically.

Where a=awesome and b=banana pudding and c=chocolate, if b=a then b+c=x (an unknown quantity that might make one’s head explode from pure rapture). So I tried.

Now, I will say that I had push back from one friend who claims to be a “banana pudding purist.” But the overwhelming consensus by those who tried this is that it was fabulous and actually tasted a lot like a banana candy bar. Try it! You’ll like it!