While there used to be a TCBY in Sherman, Texas, there has been no soft-serve frozen yogurt option since I moved here in 2004, unless you count Braum’s, which I don’t. (Good ice cream, but chocolate and vanilla swirl yogurt doesn’t cut it.)

Suddenly — boom! Within a few weeks of each other, two self-serve frozen yogurt shops open, and there was much rejoicing.

The YogurtStory concept was familiar to me. In fact, several years ago, I looked into franchising one here, when it became clear that I was not going to win a free TCBY franchise.

Wait- what? You didn’t know about that? Yeah. TCBY gave away a store. It ended up going to Northwest Arkansas, but I tried.

Now that there appear to be two early-on successful yogurt stores here, it seems like TCBY really missed an opportunity to reintroduce their product to a fro-yo desert. But I digress.

The Yogurt Story franchise was too rich for my blood, but I was excited to see one opening here, regardless. Daphne and I visited it last week and loved it. Yogurt Story is located in the little island between Loy Lake and the 75-frontage road just north of Cracker Barrell, Whataburger, Taco Cabana, etc. It is in the same strip mall with T-Mobile, FedEx, and one of the three or four mattress places in that vicinity.

Later that day, I went to Hastings and saw the Cherry Berry store. It wasn’t open yet. But it opened that weekend. So, of course, we visited it, too. It’s in the strip mall on Peyton and Texoma Parkway with Hastings, Little Caesar’s, and Lady Nautilus.

Sorry for no pictures; both times, we were in between work and D’s gym, so we just enjoyed the yogurt and flew. However, these were our impressions:

BOTH – Simple concept: Get your own one-size cup, get your own yogurt – as much or as little as you want, but you’re, of course, tempted to fill the fairly large up – get your own toppings, weigh that sucker, and pay for it.

YOGURT STORY – Love the clean lines and spring-fresh color concept. Lots of white and light green. Minimalistic. There were two freezers that were out of order that day, so the selection was about 3/4 of what it typically would be. Each machine has two flavors that I am assuming are selected to be complementary so you can swirl them. Our favorites were peanut butter and red velvet cake. The toppings here are in bins and you spoon them out onto your yogurt. Everything is weighed, and the cost is $.35 per ounce.

CHERRY BERRY – Really bright red and green, which was a little over-the-top for my rods and cones… until I went into the bright magenta restroom and it became unbearable. This store as a whole and the restroom specifically was not as clean as Yogurt Story. All of their freezers were working, but most of them were turned down to too low a temperature. The yogurt was so frozen that it did not want to come out of the extruders, and we grew tired of waiting for some of the flavors we wanted to sample to come out and just moved on. Daphne’s favorite flavor here was Snickerdoodle, and mine was Kettle Corn. The store here has three big-screen televisions and a nice, loud sound system playing music. It was too much for me. Daphne zoned out to Nick cartoons while we ate; I’d rather have had a conversation with her. Also, the credit card reader wasn’t up and running yet, and the very nice lady told us that she was sorry she hadn’t caught us to tell us that before we started getting our yogurt. “If you don’t have cash, it’ll just be on us today.” Made me wish I hadn’t had cash. I usually don’t. What was I thinking? Anyway, their price is $.39 per ounce.

Overall, we prefer Yogurt Story. Although many of the flavors overlap, it seemed that Yogurt Story had more interesting choices (despite two freezers being out), and an overall higher quality of flavors. Then again, it could be that we could just taste the yogurt at Yogurt Story better because it wasn’t overly-frozen. I personally am tired of the influx of televisions everywhere, especially eating establishments. We don’t eat in front of the television at home, and I don’t want to do it in public, either. We have enough screen time (case in point!) during the day. I like to enjoy my food with conversation.

Cherry Berry has their grand opening March 8 at 5:30 PM. I’m guessing that they will eventually work out some of the bugs and I will, of course, stop by again. For now, though, Daphne and I agree: Yogurt Story.