Last night, I got a text that I could go into Sonic for a free hamburger in honor of Leap Day today. My plan was to go to Sonic after work, get the free burger, then take advantage of Happy Hour pricing to acquire an inexpensive Diet Coke. However, two things happened when I arrived at the menu.

The first thing that went wrong was that Sonic now has a few snack items on sale for $1.00 during Happy Hour. So we “had” to add a corn dog to the order, because D loves those suckers.

The second thing that foiled my “get out cheap” plan was seeing a POP menu card for Sweet Potato Tots. Sweet potato tots. For real.

There were more than this. I ate five of them in the time it took me to retrieve my camera.

At first, I couldn’t tell whether the tots were minced, like the regular tater tots, or just mashed and extruded.

Mushy perfection. After eating the whole order, though, I decided that they were, indeed, minced. It’s just that the “meat” of sweet potatoes is so soft that it kind of mooshes up when you bite into the tot. It is crispy on the outside (I can’t tell if there is some kind of batter/coating on the outside, or if the frying just bubbles and crisps up the outside of the tot.

Whichever, the outside held up and the inside was sweet and mashed. I didn’t salt or ketchup or enhance the tots in any way. They were perfect straight out of the fryer. They were also pretty greasy, but that was okay with me.

These are at least $1.50 more than regular tater tots, but I think that they’re worth it. I’m not sure whether these are a permanent addition to the menu; I plan to eat them so often that Sonic will be encouraged to keep them on permanently.