It is extremely rarely in the middle-aged life (in mine, at leaste) to have a semi-formal event that doesn’t involve a vacation at sea or a really nice restaurant on the Disney property. My friends and I have been calling it “prom.” It’s less than a week away, and the preparation for an event of this nature draws a huge distinction between male preparation and female preparation.

The gentleman who is going did purchase an appropriate outfit for it. I, on the other hand, am wearing a dress I bought two and a half years ago for a steal at Belk or Kohl’s or somewhere like that.

Yup! Cheapskate! Sale queen! Whatever else you want to call it. It’s gorgeous, though; trust me. Ancient-Greek-inspired. Kind of like the bottom left brown dress here.

Beyond that: My friend is heading to this thing straight from work. That’s the guy thing: 1) Buy a suit. 2) Show up.

Here’s my thing: 1) Two weeks ago, I started a concerted effort to stop biting my nails so they’d grow out. 2) Last night, I painted my toenails so I’ll have a super dry base coat to paint them again later. 3) Today I put my dress in the bag so I won’t forget it and it won’t get dirty. 4) Tomorrow I have to go to the post office to get the hair styling implements I purchased online three weeks ago in anticipation of preparing for the event. I will do a dry run of the hair style, and then immediately pack up the hair styling tools, too. 5) Monday and Tuesday, I’m hitting the gym hard because that’s the only time this week I’ll have to get a bunch of exercise. 6) Wednesday, I will color my hair. I don’t want to do it Thursday because I need to wash it again Friday afternoon and that’s too soon. I do want it to look fresh, but I don’t want it to smell funky (which is why I can’t do it Friday). 7) Thursday, finish packing; early morning Friday, and everything needs to be ready to go. 8) Friday, I arranged for someone else to take Daphne to the gym, so I can leave from Enrichment Classes to give myself three hours to clean up, fix up, etc. 9) I also have to pick up a thing that I also ordered more than a week ago.

But I’m excited! Like, silly giddy excited about it. I’m going to prom!