Yeah, yeah, so more chocolate. I was expecting this bar to have some cake in it, so I was excited enough… Until I started ripping into the wrapper and found THIS:

The. chocolate. is. RED!

Not to mention the pungent cakey aroma that rolled off of this thing once the seal was broken. It smells like a bakery. You can actually see the swirly patterns from how the chocolate was piped into the mold. See? If you don’t, make the picture bigger so that you can swoon over this with me.

Because I’m always curious as to from where my chocolate comes, I do a little research on everything I eat. If I’m planning, then I research BEFORE I buy. Redstone’s is an area importer/distributor of specialty items. If you want to watch a badly-filmed, poorly-edited, boring video of their showroom, you can do so here. I don’t recommend it. If I had a business with such exciting product availability, the website would make you want to get up and dance. But maybe that’s just me.

Regardless, it’s neat that the company is semi-local, so that is one thing about this that makes me happy. In addition to the name brands they distribute, they also have a private line of chocolates, and this is one of them.

The ingredients in this bar are basically chocolate (of the milk variety; the first ingredient, even before cocoa mass, is sugar), marshmallow bits, red dye, and cookie dough flavoring. What is not to love about THAT?

See the marshmallows?

This is a smooth, sweet, soft chocolate bar. It is milk chocolate, and sweet enough that lots of chocolate snobs might turn up their noses at it. But it has good quality ingredients (i.e. vanilla and cocoa butter as opposed to vanillin and some less expensive fat), and even now, with the remainder of the bar wrapped up beside me (that’s right; I only ate 2 lines of the 5 line bar), I can smell the incredible cookie dough sweetness.

It just makes me happy. And that’s the best part of chocolate.