Yes, you read it: hibiscus flowers, blood orange, and caramel. I always love the pairing of orange and chocolate, and super duper hate that the… is it Lindor? chocolate orange bar has almond slices. Yuck. I was looking forward to this, expecting a smooth chocolate experience. The bar did not disappoint.

Isn't the packaging purty?

This candy bar is like the Caramello bars in that there is actual caramel inside of each square.

Or outside, if the bar has seen some heat.

So, this one was messy but good. Just like little kids and your hair after… um… being in a parachuting simulator.

The chocolate was smooth and mellow. The hibiscus gave it a subtle almost berry fruit note, which played well with the orange citrus pop. The caramel was creamy and delicious, if inconsistently-distributed due to the leakage.

Mmm... caramely.

Apparently, the mess of this bar is not a fluke. You can read about it as well as other reviews here. Also, for the record, I don’t think there’s such a thing as “too sweet” when it comes to candy bars. I do like more bitter and darker chocolate. But I also think that super sweet fruity stuff is good, too.

In the end, this was the most fantastic-tasting mess I have ever had the pleasure to consume completely, thus rendering my promise to my bestie to save a bit of each candy bar a complete and utter lie. But I’m sure that I’ll make it down to the city to buy another one before I finish the other two bars, right?

This is my new wallpaper. Please click on it to see it in all of its glory. ❤

And, yes, I licked the packaging.