Yesterday, I bought a PBJ OMG bar at Central Market. This bar is produced by Patric Chocolate, a small producer in Missouri.

The bar was smooth and shiny. It smelled immediately of very intense chocolate, even before I got the clear plastic wrapping off.

See how pretty it is?

It broke off with such a clean "snap." That means you know it's going to be good!

May I ask a favor of you? When you eat high quality chocolate, and especially dark chocolate, PLEASE don’t masticate it to death! Just bite it once, if you have to, to break it off of the rest of the bar. Then let it rest on your tongue and melt, like God intended.

This bar is dark chocolate, so the first flavor is that intense chocolate that I’d been enjoying while taking pictures. As it melts away, the peanut butter comes through. It’s just peanuts and salt, so there’s no treacly sweet anything about this. After the peanut butter and chocolate is mostly gone, you get that berry flavor – which comes from the chocolate’s fruity notes; there’s no actual “j” in the bar. In fact, here are the ingredients:


And they work. The resulting bar is one that is rich, satisfying, and smooth. The label indicates that they conch the chocolate for a long time (which is basically slapping it around to develop the flavor and pulverize the molecules), and it works. I look forward to trying other bars from this company. The low ingredient count allows each of the flavors to shine through. I wish I had another one…