That sounds redundant, right? “Chocolate” brownies? Well, these are double chocolate, and you’ll see why in a minute. This thing is delicious. You should make it now.

First of all, I started with this recipe for olive oil brownies. I couldn’t find hazelnuts locally, so these are nut-free. Also, I didn’t use all of the raw/organic stuff. I just used regular ingredients. And semi-sweet chocolate instead of dark.

When I saw the chocolate and olive oil mixed together, it gave me an idea.

Beautiful sheen, right? My idea (and what makes these chocolate brownies) was that I’d do this again and spread it over the top of the brownies. It’d be almost like a ganache.

I never want to wash this mixer! (I did.)


This is what the brownies looked like when they came out of the oven, then this is what they looked like a few minutes later, after they’d settled down a bit.

While that was cooling down, I made this caramel recipe.

Mmm. Caramel.


I poured the caramel over the brownies (which, at this point, had a nice ridge around the edge to hold in the stuff) and realized something… that recipe made a LOT of caramel. So I started pouring into my ice/candy trays.

Would you prefer flower, fish, or Han Solo caramel?

And still, there was caramel. I filled up a to-go cup from a local restaurant and have to figure out what to do with that stuff.

Caramel under control, I did the same thing I had done at the beginning, which was to melt the chocolate and mix it with a bit of olive oil.

Poured it over, then...


...smoothed it out. Mmmmm!


A bunch of treats!

I’m not sure how to plate these neatly, but regardless of how they look, they tasted magnificent. My original plan was to sprinkle Kosher salt over the top chocolate layer, but I liked the smooth look so much that I didn’t. You might want to try it! It tastes marvelous.