Tonight, I made a “thing” for small group. My idea was s’mores-ish. Maybe cookies on the top and bottom, and maybe something soft and chocolate-y at room temperature (rather than actual chocolate, which hardens up at room temperature when it’s particularly chilly). Here is what I found in my cabinet and was trying to think about…

And here’s what I did…

Baked the "cookies" then sprinkled marshmallows over that.

Sort of evened out, then stuck it back in the oven.

Puffy from cooking!

Next, sprinkled cookie cereal over the marshmallows and patted them down.

Used up the rest of the Cocoa Puffs-ish cereal, too. I love the crumbs in the bottom of the cereal bag!

Oh, yes, I did. Fudge. From the recipe on back of the cocoa container. I purposefully undercooked it so it wouldn't set up too much.

Poured the fudge over the top of the other stuff...

... and after a while, it settled into the cereal, which means it won't be quite as crispy, crunchy as it was before. This is a good thing.

Is it any good? I don’t know yet! Will have to catch up after small group.

UPDATE: Success. It was yummy and not as messy as it looks, and everyone who tried it liked it. Yea! 🙂