This morning, Daphne and I had some errands to run and found ourselves in Frisco with some time to kill at 11:00 AM. Since I had a Groupon for Tootie Pie Company, we hit it for lunch.

Thankfully, the restaurant is not located on the main shopping thoroughfare of Preston (289) and 121. It’s located west of 289, just a bit west of the Dallas North Tollway on Lebanon. It was foggy/misty when we arrived, so the fireplace was a nice welcome, as were the Christmas decorations.

There was only one woman working the front when we got there, and she apologized a couple of times for being so busy, but she was actually quite attentive and helpful.

She asked if we’d been to Tootie Pie Company before, and when she saw my Groupon, she walked us through our options. My offer was for two sandwiches, two drinks, and two slices of pie. I’d paid $15 for it and the stated value was $34.95. We actually would have spent more than that.

The deal wasn’t just for a sandwich and a drink; it was for a meal, which includes either a salad or chips. Since I knew we couldn’t eat everything, I asked for chips, as did Daphne. I wanted to bring mine home and enjoy the sandwich while it was warm.

The bakery case was tempting, so it took us a few moments to actually look at the menu.

Eventually, Daphne decided on a grilled turkey and cheese on white with Baked Doritos, hot chocolate, and heavenly chocolate pie. I got a portabello and spinach panini, Baked Lays, Diet Pepsi, and the blueberry pie.

First, we selected our chips from a display and I got my 20-ounce bottle of soda out of the refrigerator. In hindsight, I probably should have tried some of their fresh and differently-flavored teas; the woman at the counter told us that we could choose from any of the drinks available. I’m guessing that people don’t often select the bottled sodas, because mine was not fresh-tasting. It was the only negative the whole meal.

Daphne loved that the hot chocolate had freshly-foamed steamed milk in it.

Later, a gentleman from the kitchen brought us our sandwiches. Oh my.

Daphne's grilled turkey and cheese sandwich.

My grilled portabello spinach sandwich, along with the meal accouterments.

My panini was amazing. The bread was crisp and toasty, then the inside of the sandwich was warm and juicy. The spinach and tomato were crisp and cool. It was some seriously delicious mouth-play.

Whooo hoo! Look at that beauty!

On this sandwich, I had the choice of regular mayonnaise, chipotle mayo, or pesto mayo. I got the pesto. It was the right choice!

I had only partially committed to the blueberry pie, and here’s something awesome about the Tootie Pie Company Gourmet Cafe: they  have samples! I was given a buttermilk pie sample, and she brought Daphne a chocolate pie sample, too. She also freshened up Daphne’s whipped cream in her hot chocolate, once she’d drunk some of it down.

*snicker* BM pie.

The buttermilk pie WAS good, but since it was so cold and dreary, a warm fruit pie sounded better to me than the custard.

Mug o' pie!

Daphne's heavenly chocolate pie, whipped cream on the side.

Daphne’s pie was rich and creamy. She couldn’t eat all of it! Mine was fresh and beautiful. The crust was that Alton Brown perfection ratio of flaky to tender, and it had some crispy sugar on top. It could have been warmed a bit more thoroughly, because the bottom was still cold. But I just pretended that I’d ordered it a la mode, and everything went swimmingly.

When we were ready to leave, we walked out with two half sandwiches, two bags of chips, half a hot chocolate, most of a stale Diet Pepsi, and about 1/4 of a slice of heavenly chocolate pie. Daphne said it was some of the best food she’s eaten in a long time!