It isn’t on their website’s breakfast visual menu, but McDonald’s Steak, Egg, and Cheese bagel is a thing, because I’ve seen it on their menu for months. I typically don’t eat at McD’s; I go in often for their $1 large sodas. However, this morning, I was famished after a late Saturday night that didn’t include food, so I stopped in on my way to church.

There were six cars in line waiting to order, so I went inside. Things were not much improved there, as an elderly gentleman’s order had been messed up and a situation occurred that could spawn endless, “How many McDonald’s employees does it take to fix a ticket?” jokes, were I s0 inclined to joviality, which I am not.

Suffice it to say that eventually, I was in receipt of my $1 soda and my bagel. I made my way to my car (people stare when you take pictures of your food) to sample said foodstuffs…

I don’t think I’d ever seen grilled onions on anything at McDonald’s. That made me smile. I also like the bag in which they present this. It is opened on two sides (like the pretzel bags from Autie Anne’s) so you can access your food, but also the back and probably drippy side is protected.

When I took the sandwich apart, I was taken somewhat aback by the shape of the “steak.”

Well, that’s an interestingly egg-ovular shaped piece of meat, no? On the other hand, look at those beautiful onions! Also, when I was looking at the symmetrically-folded egg on the other side of the bagel, I realized that this puppy comes with not one but TWO slices of cheese!

Yeah, and you see all of that pepper? It’s crunchy! I don’t typically like that much ground pepper on my food, but this is mild and the crunchiness was fun. Also, the onions were still a bit crisp, so that sort of sweet/caramelized burst of crispiness in the middle of the sandwich was interesting. The bagel was toasted, so it was a little crispy as well as chewy.

The flavor of the “steak” was good. It was also very juicy. The eggs were… well, eggs. Eggs are good. They didn’t work any miracles with them, but they weren’t horrible.

The overall taste and mouth feel of this breakfast sandwich was excellent. The flavors are somewhat unified, unlike the sweet/savory juxtaposition of the McGriddle offerings. I enjoyed having this for breakfast and wasn’t hungry again for hours and hours.

My only push-back was that the onions and pepper were so pungent that the scent of this bagel was in my nose all day. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, it just made it difficult to transition to other food later.


UPDATE: I had another one of these at the beginning of August 2012. Had I eaten this one first, I don’t know that I would have ordered another. It was from the same restaurant, but the way it was put together, a bunch of grease (from the meat? cheese? what?) leaked out the side, soiling the entire wrapper and the carry-out bag. It was more difficult to eat, and though it tasted fine, it was a huge mess and more trouble than it was worth.