Since Daphne’s birthday cake fondant turned out okay, I have been excited to try more decorating. This week, I used my Betty Crocker Bake N Fill pans to make two domes, a large one and a smaller one. I used this dark chocolate cake recipe (can you tell that I love Allrecipes?), but made the boiling water into coffee. Since the bases of the cakes rose unevenly, I cut them off to straighten them out. Daphne and a friend ate the bottom of the smaller cake, and I used the scraps from the other to make cake “snow” balls.

First, I iced the domes with frosting (did my own thing with whipping cream, vanilla, and powdered sugar until it was the consistency and taste I wanted). If you don’t own a good offset spatula, I highly recommend buying at least a small one. The big ones are wonderful for covering large areas, but then once you get down to the end, the detail work is so much easier with a small offset spatula. And with these rounds shapes, the smaller one worked beautifully.

Then I made the fondant I referenced in the post about Daphne’s birthday cake (substituting corn syrup for glucose syrup; that stuff is SO thick and sticky… and expensive. I’ve had the same bottle of glycerine for more than a year).

It’s so smooth! I use a pizza cutter to take the ends off; I don’t have a sharp, non-serrated knife. I should maybe get a fondant kit? Anyhoo… After covering the snowman’s body and head with white fondant, I kneaded green and orange fondant for a scarf. I rolled and cut both colors, then laid them out like this:

After that, I rolled them again to flatten them, and smoothed the edges with the pizza roller.

Aww… he’s wearing a scarf, see? ‘Cause he’s COLD. To make the fringe, I just kneaded scraps of both colors together and notched the edges. I attached it to the other fondant with a damp basting brush. You can see that I also attempted to make a place on the head for some Sixlet facial features. This only barely worked, and I was worried that they’d fall out, so I made white fondant ropes to use as Sixlet boundaries.

You can see that I had added the cake snow balls AND some nifty flowers. After Halloween, Wal-Mart had a bunch of candy kits on sale for $.75. I bought a couple. They had some candy molds, but the real reason I got them was for the candy melts. For the flowers here, I used the green and orange melts and piped them into our flower silicone ice tray. I think that all candy mold trays should be made of silicone. Unmolding was so simple! I attached them to the environment with icing “glue.”

Finally, I melted the chocolate and made it into a hat and “stick” arms. Yes, I know. It looks like dookey. If you’re a fan of Cake Wrecks, then you know that Jen mercilessly tears into poo-looking icing. Well, once you get something chocolaty piping out of a rather large hole, it’s difficult to make it look like anything else!

So, yes, I’m happy with this silly little project. I think he turned out quite cute. I made him for a friend who hasn’t put up Christmas decorations yet; thought it might add a little festivity to the surroundings… at least temporarily. Most of the cake was consumed before my friend went out of town; guess who inherited the rest? And guess what I’m having for breakfast in the morning?