Exactly 250 people positively RSVPed to attend the Jen Yates’s book-signing at A Real Bookstore in what is called “Fairview,” but I would consider Allen. Daphne, two of her female cousins, and I showed up just over an hour early and were able to sit on the front row to wait for the event to start.

Exactly as she’d explained on her blog, Jen was talking to people while her husband, John, set up for the slide show and talk. We asked for Epbot buttons, which Jen had said online were available but that she didn’t have enough just to hand them out blindly.

Then we watched with excitement as Gretchen from Savor the Moment bakery brought in several fabulous cakes, cupcakes, and what they call “cake truffles,” but I refer to as “cake balls.” Because I like the word “balls.”

Veteran-loving naked baby carrot jockey riding an actual carrot cake.

"Truffles." Psshhh.

Banana cupcakes with caramel icing. I wish I could have tried these, but I was disciplined. 🙂

Sweet fall Red Velvet cake with cream cheese filling/frosting.

White cake beautifully decorated.

There was a slide show running the few minutes before John and Jen were scheduled to begin speaking. The girls cracked up constantly; many of the cakes were new to them.

John was talking to the front row, and Jen walked over and rubbed his back before joining the conversation. So cute.

Jen talking with a boy from the only party in "Dallasish" who showed up in Steampunk regalia.

John, working the front row again.

When seven o’clock rolled around, they opened up with this video. “Is it a cow-duck with horns… and a goatee?”

Then, John and Jen came out to talk. First of all, I have to say that they are just as darn cute in person as I had expected them to be after readin Jen’s blog(s) for years, and then especially this precious entry from early fall. They have been married thirteen years (which means she was 20ish when they wed; good for those young ‘uns, making it work and staying in love) and were so complimentary and courteous to each other.

John's shoes totally matched Jen's outfit!

Jen said that she and John owned a faux painting business and that she worked for him for about ten years; then just as that business was drying up with the economic downturn, Cake Wrecks started taking off. They showed slides of some of their favorite wrecks, and they told some stories about the original book tour, and took a few questions.

One interesting thing John pointed out was something that happens at the 45-second mark here… See if you can see it.

Yeah… I didn’t see it either, and I took of the correction sticker that came on my book because I don’t like stickers on my books! John said that he looked at that book hundreds of times and didn’t notice it until they got a hard copy in the mail and one of their friends asked, “Did you misspell that on purpose?” He said it was not a fun day, even though they could sort of laugh about it now.

After a lot more laughter and gasping at horrific decorations, we got to get our books signed fairly quickly… Jen was accommodating and generous with the writing. She even posed for a picture, although she says she doesn’t like them (which is why her author picture, mandated by the book publisher, is a bit obscure).

Side note: John took this picture of her. They recreated the carrot jockey cake by decorating a Fed Ex box after having unsuccessfully attempted to purchase a cake from Costco without a membership. He said that he took about 600 pictures. In the program, Jen showed a slide of John modeling the Cake Wrecks apron in their kitchen at 4 AM. He was holding a whisk and obviously tickled. They said that she had him wearing a suit at one point, had him crawling at her like a tiger, told him to put a rose in his mouth, etc.

Lots of fans!

Signed books in hand, we got to sample some of Gretchen’s excellent cake. The girls all got red velvet, but I went with the carrot cake. It was so beautifully-spiced, and both cakes were moist and held up to the fondant well. They asked me for seconds, and I heard the baker telling people that’d be okay, but there were so many people waiting in line that we limited ourselves so that they could hopefully enjoy the bounty as well.


Red Velvet and a fondant pumpkin.