“… with two cats too many; I wish that they would flee…”

Welcome, guests! We took a stroll around The RiVer earlier, so now you can take a looky-loo at the little travel trailer that Daphne and I (and Rudy and Carol) call home (when they can’t get out). Jim told me to call it a “house,” but I reminded him that it *is,* in fact a trailer. And that I’m proud. So, welcome.

As you step in, you will notice the kitchen area to the left. I say “area” because it’s open to the living area and dining area, pictured below (just after a Happy Hour run).

We have a refrigerator/freezer, propane oven, 3-burner stove, range hood vent fan and light, built-in microwave and two-basin sink.

Allow me, please, to point out several of my favorite possessions on earth. First of all, you’ll see in the distance a whiteboard which also happens to be an Educational Degree from “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.” A birthday present this summer from Michael, it is awesomesauce and needs to be mounted, but I have a deathly fear of driving nails into the thin walls of this trailer, lest I stab vital components of our lives.

Also, if you’ll look near the dish soap, you’ll see a darling flower scrubber. It’s the first thing Daphne and I picked out for the RV some two months before we had even picked out our unit. We rarely use it; it’s just too adorable.

Just beyond that is a “stained-glass window” cross that Daphne made in a homeschool enrichment class a couple of years ago.

And in the foreground, you might have noticed a Kitchenaid stand mixer, after which I always lusted but could never afford. Jim’s parents left him this one, and he never used it, so he granted it to me as a house-warming gift.

The couch pulls out into a bed (albeit for a rather short person) and the kitchen table and u-shaped bench seats also become a slightly larger bed. Additionally, the bench seats have a pull-out seat that recesses into the ends. Just unsnap, slide out, and place the cushions, and we can seat two more. They had better not need a table, but they can certainly park their patooties. (Actually, we have one “TV tray” in Daphne room for her computer keyboard.)

The entertainment center is epic in that the television turns around so that I can watch it in my bedroom.

Behind that entertainment center is…

My bed “room.” This is where the magic happens! And by “magic,” I mean “blogging.” And by “blogging,” I mean obsessively refreshing Facebook and laughing until I get stomach cramps at DamnYouAutoCorrect.com. The bed raises up and there is lots of storage (and dirty clothes) underneath.

Here is our restroom, which has roughly the same dimensions of a telephone booth. Typically, we do not keep the door open, and when we do, we make the neighbors pay us extra for that. Actually, I only do that when either the cat box (that adorable doll-house looking thing in the floor; don’t pretend you’re not scouring the internet for one right now… I’ll give you a clue: Sky Mall) is ridiculously stinky, or when it is borderline warm and I need to allow for extra circulation lest the air conditioner engage.

The extra door is for convenient entry when dirty from a full day out of doors. It has proven most convenient for us due to the floorspace in front of it. That is at a premium in such compact living.

There are fold-out wooden extension countertops on both sides of the sink.

The shower is big enough and has a domed skylight over it, just in case my dad ever decides to get his 6’4″ clean on around here. The ceiling is that high, but the dome helps with shampoo-arm-clearance.

Daphne’s bed. There is a pull-down bunk over it, and a pull-out trundle mattress underneath. There are also three drawers under the bed. The other side has a lot of storage, as well as another bunk that we use for… yes, storage. Because of the slide out which contains the bed she sleeps in, we have floor space for hanging out and for her book shelf.

So, that’s the place in a nutshell… Almost literally. Oh, just outside of Daphne’s window is “The Jungle,” which you saw the other day. But just in case you forgot, here’s a reminder.