Today, I went to the Kroger to buy stuff to make Mississippi Mud Cake, which my genius friend and fellow cooking enthusiast had suggested I take to a multi-church chili cook-off. I did get what I needed to make the cake, but was distracted by the cheap hot roll mix on clearance.

Once I got home, my plans changed. I was going to make rolls, similar to cinnamon rolls, but my own incarnations of said treats.

First, I started both hot roll mixes as indicated on the package. However, I customized both batches. For one, I added cinnamon. The other, cocoa.

After finished the mixture as indicated on the packaging, I rolled out the cinnamon dough and spread on it creamy peanut butter.

Yes, I licked the offset spatula. Next, I softened up some grape jelly in the microwave.

I’d stop the world and melt for THAT, I tell you what. After I spread that on top of the peanut butter, we ended up with this:

Now, personally, I could be happy just eating peanut butter, jelly, and raw yeast dough. But since this was for an event, I decided to get fancy and actually cook this sucker. After rolling this stuff jelly role style, I like to use dental floss to cut the individual roles.

See that precision cut? By the way, for you eagle-eyed observers who will wish to point out that I’m using one of Bed, Bath, and Beyond’s designated beef cutting boards, I can assure you that I never ever trim beef. So, I use this as a pastry mat. Thank you for your concern.

Next up was the chocolate dough.

In the PB&J, the peanut butter stood in for butter. In this case, I used marshmallows. I knew that they would melt for the most part, creating that creamy insides that are my favorite part of cinnamon rolls. (Yes, I like that even better than the icing, if you will believe it.)

With what could we ever top marshmallows?

That’s right: chocolate chips! Then we rolled that puppy up and cut it into rolls, as well.

That’s a cross-section of heaven right there, my friends.

Remember: I’m cooking in a propane RV oven. It is small (thus the 8 x 12 is the biggest thing I can fit in there), and the flame is way too close to the items to be cooked. Recently, my mother purchased a Silpat sheet for me. I cut it in half and lined both cooking dishes with it. It seemed to help a lot. The bottoms of the finished product are obviously darker and crispier than the tops, but they weren’t burnt, and certainly not to the point of inedibility.

I topped the finished products with a couple of things. I had some blueberry muffin glaze and some dark chocolate brownie icing in a bag, both by Betty Crocker, that I had purchased on clearance for $.50. After applying that, I also put some after-seasonally-purchased Halloween sprinkles on both: orange and black nonpareils on the PB&Js and colored confetti disks on the chocolate chocolate chip marshmallow rolls.

By the way: I don’t know who decided that purple was a Halloween color, but I heartily approve!

After topping all of this, I covered it with foil and put it back in the turned-off oven to help melt the brownie frosting and to give the middles a while to firm up, I enjoy rawish dough in my cinnamon rolls, but I have noticed this bothers some people. *shrug* To each his own, I guess…

The finished products were a feast for the eyes as well as the palate. I personally liked both very much, as did Daphne. I know what’s for breakfast in a few hours! Everybody have a great week!