Last week, I had the privilege of making dinner for Michael, the prep for which I did at home, but then the cooking part I did at his house where he has, you know, a functioning oven. I made spinach and feta-stuffed chicken breasts; creamy mashed potatoes, using purple potatoes for visual interest; an awesome cold spaghetti squash salad; and an uber-delicious and eye-pleasing — infinitely moreso than the pan of purple potatoes! — fruit tart.

The recipe on which I based the tart is from Allrecipes, which is where I find most of my recipes. However, I knew that I didn’t want to risk burning a shortbread crust. I’m sure that would have tasted awesome, but instead, I purchased a pre-made chocolate graham cracker crust from the grocery store. Because it was so much smaller than the recipe’s container, I ended up having some filling and fruit to spare, so I just spread the left-over filling in a pan and covered it with the extra fruit. Daphne and I loved it by itself! We didn’t even put the glaze over it; it’s fresh and fruity and delicious!

Here was my dinner-ready finished product:

If anyone else ventures to make this, I have a question for you: The only other thing I did differently was to make the glaze in the microwave. It came out clear, smooth, and tasty. But it was extremely thick. You’re supposed to “brush” it over the fruit. I don’t have a basting brush yet, so I used an offset spatula I’d covered in glycerine so the glaze wouldn’t stick to it. But the fruit still moved around. And I couldn’t get it thin enough to cover everything. Any suggestions?