Last weekend was just one big adventure. I went to my first wedding in years on Saturday, then drove over to Tulsa, ultimately for the Oklahoma Sugar Art Show. But first, a local friend of mine suggested that I go to the monthly Tulsa Barn Dance. It sounded similar to our area’s English Country Dancing (ECD), and it was. The music style is different, but… Wait. Instead of my trying to explain it to you, here’s a video clip. This was shot the night I was there, but I was sitting this one out:

When I first arrived, I sat down to watch the action and figure out what was going on. After the dance in on which I had walked ended, an older woman walked over to me and asked me if I wanted to do the next dance. “I’ll be the man,” she offered. I told her that I was just getting a feel for it, and she assured me that this was great for beginners; the caller walked you through the whole thing.

She was right. After I’d seen a whole dance from beginning to end (including numerous flubs by participators), I felt a lot more confident. When a gentleman approached me and asked me if I wanted to do the next dance, I accepted. Throughout the evening, I ended up doing five songs. Rather that wax prosaic about it, I will make a list of likes and dislikes.

1. Dancing. Love love love dancing. It’s fun and freeing and exhilarating.
2. Exercise. Hate hate hate working out, but this was a blast. Every song was 7+ minutes long, so by the time the music stopped, I was sporting a pretty good sweat.
3. Repetition. The dances have several elements, and those are repeated over and over and over. So by the end of the dance, unless there’s been a train wreck and everyone needs time to catch up, the caller really doesn’t have to call anymore.
4. Age inclusion. The youngest person there was probably ten years old; the eldest, I would estimate 70s or 80s. Those young boys tearing it up made my heart happy.
5. Awesome live band! If you ever get the chance to hear The Old-Time Good-Time Boys, I highly recommend it!
6. Everyone was nice, welcoming, and helpful.

1. Being dizzy. So. much. spinning. It was like the teacups, only you also have to remember the step AFTER the spinny parts.
2. Touching. People. Hands, torsos… personal space nonexistent.  And it’s not as though one can get used to her partner and shake it off. Constantly changing partners. Ugh.

But the final judgement is that it was an extremely enjoyable evening of dancing, without the whole potential lecherousness that often happens in clubs. Next time the homeschool group around here does ECD, I am packing Daphne up and we are going to go!